Are You a Slave or a Son?


When we think that being a Christian is all about our behavior – going to church, avoiding drugs and alcohol, staying away from pornography, and keeping our lips free of curse words – we have made ourselves into slaves. Being a Christian is not about following a bunch of rules or presenting a perfect picture, it’s about faith and a relationship with God. A slave-master isn’t worried about whether his slaves are happy or satisfied. Their troubles are hardly worth the slave-master’s thoughts, unless it interferes with their work. But a Father does care about the relationship He has with His son. Getting chores done is more about children learning responsibility than earning their meals and the roof over their heads. Likewise, we don’t earn heaven by how we behave, because we are sons, not slaves. If we’ve been focusing on the wrong things, we should ask God today where our focus should be, and deepen our relationship with Him.