*New Release and Giveaway* Abby and Joshua: A Western Romance Novella 10/1/2017 #amreading

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Sometimes the force of a tornado pulls us from the mire, but other times the soft breath of a cowboy is all that is required.

A good-looking, young cowboy keeps showing up at Abby Harrington’s door … even at the most inopportune times.

Abby is older than he is, not to mention heavily pregnant and with a brood of children. Besides, she is still legally married and distrustful of men.

Why, then, does she slowly respond to the cowboy’s friendship?

Will Abby find the strength to trust again?

*Clean wholesome historical western romance.* Buy today and join Abby as she journeys down to the river.



Don’t miss this boxed set for only 99¢ Today ~ Seasons of the Heart 9/22/2017 #amreading

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Seasons of the Heart includes: Falling in Love, Winter Chill, Spring Break, and Heated Summer by USA Today Bestselling Author

Katie Morgan has her future planned. It doesn’t include becoming serious about anyone before she achieves her goals, not even her handsome boss. Just because she does not have time to date, doesn’t mean her boss shouldn’t. Her new mission…to make her boss happy, whether or not he wants to be. Wade McAlester fell in love with Katie the first day she walked into his clinic looking for a job. He hired her, content to settle for friendship until she lives out her dream of becoming a vet. Against his better judgment, Wade allows her to fix him up with a couple of her friends. The dates are disastrous. He can’t believe the kind of women Katie seems to think he’d enjoy spending his life with. However, when Wade’s old colleague, Dr. Laura Redmond shows up, Katie is rethinking how happy she wants her boss to be, and with whom. Definitely not the gorgeous doctor.

When Sasha Steinfeld sees Katie Morgan’s engagement ring, she realizes it could have been her. If only she wasn’t so frigid around men. Overcoming the past isn’t easy, but Sasha knows she must if she ever wants to find the same happiness Katie has found. The last person Forrest Tucker expects to see when he gets to his cabin is Sasha. He thinks Sasha is a bit different, although he’s never concerned himself with why. Now she is trying to break into his cabin. When he realizes she’s injured, Forrest does what any good citizen would do—if they were helping someone else. When Forrest learns the secret behind Sasha’s chilly personality, he sets out to help her thaw.

Kelly Sanders volunteers at an orphanage and loves working with children—even if they can be a bit mischievous at times. Marc Stevenson is used to fighting fires, not rescuing damsels in distress out of trees. He thinks Kelly would be perfect for him, except for that one flaw. How does a man, with visions of children, fill a nest that’s sure to be empty if he spends it with the woman he loves? Will some munchkins playing matchmaker be able to bring Kelly and Marc together? Or will love’s ember never have the chance to be ignited?

Margaret Stephens has her sights set on marrying a man with a promising future. Nicholas Alexander is definitely not that man. His boyish charm isn’t going to sidetrack her; not that he appears to want to. Nick’s judgmental manner irks her because he doesn’t know her…not well enough to condemn her. Nicholas has seen enough gold diggers like Maggie. The purrfect little kitty who warms up to rich guys. Then when the unsuspecting bums marry them…they find kitty has claws. He’s already been scratched and isn’t about to make the same mistake twice. Margaret doesn’t plan on ever going hungry again. A visit to the orphanage brings up a past she keeps trying to forget. To Nicholas, it’s a reminder of all the things he has to be thankful for and he hopes that Margaret will come to appreciate all that she has. Can two people from different sides of the track meet somewhere in the middle? It’s a rough ride till they find out.

Only 99¢ Today~ Love’s Full Circle 9/20/2017 #amreading

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In spite of, maybe because of the way her love life had gone, Kayden James works hard to become a successful Marriage and Family Therapist. The last thing she needs is for her ex-boyfriend Liam to stroll into her office and stir up old feelings. Especially after the way he treated her all those years ago. She would rather remain a single cat lady than risk her heart again.

Liam hopes to make amends, but worries he won’t be able to melt Kayden’s icy exterior enough for her to see how much he has changed. Initiating their reunion, he sets out to prove that their relationship never was a game to him… to convince Kayden to continue traveling love’s full circle.

Only 99¢ Today: Between Spiritual Highs: Experience Breakthroughs Between Retreats and Revivals 9/10/2017 #amreading

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In recent church history, waves of Christians have come to experience incredible spiritual highs during retreats, revivals, conferences, and mission trips. The salvations, tears, and breakthroughs from these events continue to be experienced every year. And while the positives of these experiences can be life changing, the negatives can no longer be ignored. For one, there has been an unhealthy dependence on these events, which God did not intend. Secondly, people are led to believe this pattern is “normal” and ought to be accepted.

In Between Spiritual Highs, Sunny Kang takes us through seven Christian teachings and practices, meant to carry the blessings over from these passion-filled and exciting events! Breakthroughs and spiritual highs were not only meant to be experienced during retreats, revivals, and mission trips, but more so between them.

Whatever season you are in, you will be able to apply these practices into your life and experience a greater degree of intimacy and freedom with God where you are!

Only 99¢ Today ~ Do No Work: Beat Burnout, Find Inner Peace, and Strengthen Your Faith by Studying the Most Overlooked of the Ten Commandments 9/9/2017

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“The Sabbath doesn’t apply to me. That Old Testament stuff isn’t relevant anymore.”

If you’ve ever said that, you could not be more wrong.

The first Sabbath occurred before there was Jew or gentile; after six days of creation God rested. And don’t forget that Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for man” (Mark 2:27). Not, “The Sabbath was made for the Jew.”

But even if you do believe the fourth commandment applies to you, how do you apply it to your life?

It’s hard to stop and rest for an hour let alone an entire day. Besides that, busyness is a badge—if you’re not busy, you’re not trying. Sure, you might make it to church every Sunday, but while there all you can think about is the to do list you need to work on.

Andrew Gilmore was in the same boat: distracted at church, stressed out by his to do list, and unsure if the fourth commandment even applied to him.

But a few years ago, he read the Bible cover to cover for the first time. As he made his way through the Old Testament he was struck by how many times the scriptures mention the Sabbath. In fact, the word “Sabbath” appears ninety-six times in the Old Testament, 154 times overall.

He began asking, “How could something so prevalent not be relevant to my walk with Christ?” He concluded that, at the very lest, the Sabbath reveals something about the character of God and how He wants His people to live.

So Andrew set out on a mission to uncover the meaning behind the fourth commandment.

How does it apply to the Christian?
How should one behave on the Sabbath?
What does it mean to “work”?

The deeper he dug, the more he realized just how important the Sabbath is. He compiled all of his findings over the course of two years to bring you “Do No Work: Beat Burnout, Find Inner Peace, and Strengthen Your Faith by Studying the Most Overlooked of the Ten Commandments.”

In “Do No Work” Andrew gives a thorough examination of the Sabbath commandment: it’s origin, its application to Christians, and its ability to transcend the material world.

This short book is crammed full of information, inspiring anecdotes, and even some theology.

You’ll learn:

– The 2 steps required to beat burnout
– 3 ways to get better rest
– The real reason you don’t have peace
– The most common Sabbath myth
– What the Sabbath and heaven have in common
– How to skyrocket your faith to levels you’ve never had before

And more!

Only 99¢ Today ~ A Father’s Love (A Inspirational Christian Romance) 9/2/2017 #amreading

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Maxwell Banks was the ultimate player until he found himself caring for a daughter he didn’t know he had. Alyssa is his ex-lover’s best friend who promised to help keep Peyton safe. Though nearly complete opposites, feelings develop, but can Max really change his philandering ways? Or will one mistake seal his fate forever?

Only $4.99 Today ~ Runaway: A Story of Hagar 9/1/2017 #amreading

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Hagar finds herself being forced to leave her home, hated by the woman she serves, cast out of the camp, and pregnant. Who will help her in the desert? Who can see her? The story of Hagar is retold by historian and minister, Charles Millson, in an exciting new fictional account based on the Bible story found in the book of Genesis. Follow Hagar’s journey from Egypt to the Holy Land as she encounters Abraham’s God and finds that, even in a desert, there is a God Who sees me and a God Who cares.

Only 99¢ Today ~ The Most Powerful Man I Never Knew: A Journey to Healing the Father Wound

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Fatherlessness is an American story… The staggering statistics have told us time and time again, that it’s no longer a weed to be pulled from the garden of society, but rather, the soil from which they have all grown. So how can we let the healing remedy of the Gospel, and the crimson salve of the Cross, come paint the dark world of father-absence in a new and brighter light? First, we must find the courage to allow it to come and repaint our own dark history.

The Most Powerful Man I Never Knew explores this journey. Healing is found as we submerge our hearts in God’s character, holy scripture, and an authentic experience of inviting Christ into our wound. Each chapter is a movement from brokenness to wholeness. These 15 sacred movements are messy, courageous, and beautiful. As we step into our pain-filled past and present, we find that within each memory, disappointment, and hurt, is a doorway into the Father’s heart. (sidebar and newsletter)

Only $4.99 Today ~ When God Says Go 8/24/2017 #amreading

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If you’re in the market for life-changing advice for professional and personal growth based on concrete experience, When God Says God is for you! This new guide will show you how to survive and thrive in business and forge a path toward success in every area of life.

Award-winning marketing leader and professional speaker Velma Trayham cites the grace of God as the catalyst for her current success, and she wants to share the secret of embracing your own “go” moment so that you can move toward the destiny God ordained for you. She shares how she handled the accident that became her personal “go” moment, and she then offers tips on how to

•handle negative thoughts;
•become battle ready when the devil comes for you or your business;
•chase success by putting God first;
•deal with pride and temptation, personally and professionally;
•survive financial distress;
•navigate ego, image, and customers; and
•ask God for help when you need it most.

You’ll also read about the “go” moments of other entrepreneurs and business executives, and you’ll find inspiring, real-life prayers that will change how you get up and go toward your own professional and personal purpose!

Only 99¢ Today ~ Heart and Soul by Clari Dees

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Trevor Diamond, singer and violinist for KWESTT, didn’t plan on spending his vacation teaching at a youth camp, but his recent brush with the law earned him the adult version of a time-out. Now he’s stuck playing babysitter to a bunch of squirmy anklebiters at the campground with the funny name. The only thing that might make his summer bearable is his new coworker—the pretty one with the wildly colored hair. Tayleigh Jones’s dysfunctional childhood instilled in her a deeper cautious streak than her brightly striped blond locks would suggest. But with college out of the way and her mother and brother doing well, she can relax a while. Life is finally on an even keel, and her summer is looking bright and easy. Especially after Trevor Diamond walks in and introduces himself as the newest addition to the youth camp staff. Without warning, Tayleigh’s past reinvades her life, ripping open old wounds and stirring up trouble she’d thought safely locked away. When she discovers Trevor is at Wad-A-Wa as a result of the same types of choices that nearly destroyed her family and landed her father in prison, her feelings of betrayal threaten their budding relationship. Can Trevor convince Tayleigh he’s changed and to risk taking a chance on him, or will the summer end up being one they both wish to forget?