Only 99¢ Today~ Time with God 5/29/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today~
Time with God is a 28-day journey designed to draw us closer to God by
– Focusing on the nature and character of God
– Praying with the Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication pattern
– Praying the Scriptures
– Praying our own personal prayers.

The author writes::

Time with God is written for people who love God and long to spend time with him but need help.

Personally, I have often found it helpful to have a variety of resources available to help me stay focused during prayer. I share this not because I am a spiritual giant. Rather, I often find it such a struggle to stay focused in prayer that I have had to discover or develop tools to help.

I have found three resources, or methods, immensely helpful in developing confidence and consistency in my own prayer life. In this book, I weave all three of those methods together for a powerful combination.

At the heart of Time with God, is a desire to help develop the habit of communicating with God in practical and powerful ways. Practical, because I will balance four different aspects of prayer. Powerful, because we will use God’s Word as the basis for many of our prayers.

This book is filled with Scripture verses translated from the original languages that have been reworded into prayers. They are chosen to help us nurture and develop our focus on God and our love for him. As you get more comfortable with the concept, it will revolutionize the way you read the Bible on your own.

Only 99¢ Today ~ The Power-And-Love Sandwich: Why You Should Seek God’s Face AND His Hand 5/29/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today:
The Power-And-Love Sandwich tells the story of Jonathan Brenneman’s journey into the miraculous. As part of the journey, Jonathan shares the ensuing victories and struggles, including disappointment, misunderstandings, and the fear of pride.

While much has been written to debunk the unbiblical doctrines of cessationism, many people struggle with fear or nervousness about spiritual gifts even though they believe in miracles. The Power-And-Love Sandwich uses sound scriptural exegesis to uproot these fears, unmasking the lies that Satan has planted in the church and refuting a false dichotomy between God’s power and his nature.

In addition, The Power-And-Love Sandwich addresses other common questions and concerns about spiritual gifts and signs and wonders. You will be equipped to confront many of the fears and misconceptions that you may face as you step out in spiritual gifts. You will be set free from the fear of pride as it relates to the gifts and instead develop an expectation for the fruit of the Spirit to increase in your life. The testimonies in The Power-And-Love Sandwich are designed to encourage you and bring you into a greater experience with the goodness of God by pursuing spiritual gifts.

Only $2.99 Today ~ The Early Works of Grace Livingston Hill (26-in-1) 5/29/2017

Only $2.99 Today:
Grace Livingston Hill was a beloved and prolific writer of over 100 inspirational stories and Christian romance novels. For decades her tender and touching novels have touched the hearts of millions.
Available now for the first time, this 26 volume work brings together some of her most sought-after earliest works, including her “Miranda” trilogy (Marcia Schuyler, Phoebe Deane and Miranda).

This amazing collection includes the full texts of:
1. MARCIA SCHUYLER (1908)* [Part one of the Miranda trilogy
2. PHOEBE DEANE (1909)* [Part two]
3. MIRANDA (1915)* [Part three]
9. LO, MICHAEL! (1913)
10. THE BEST MAN (1914)
12. A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS (1916)* [a companion to “The Man of the Desert”]
15. THE WITNESS (1917)
17. THE SEARCH (1919)
18. THE RED SIGNAL (1919)
19. CLOUDY JEWEL (1920)
20. EXIT BETTY (1920)
21. THE TRYST (1921)
22. THE CITY OF FIRE (1922)
23. THE STORY OF A WHIM (Christian Endeavor – 1903)
24. BECAUSE OF STEPHEN (Christian Endeavor – 1904)

Find why millions cherish Grace Livingston Hill’s writings as you let her guide you into beautiful stories of faith, hope and love!

Only 99¢ Today ~ The Carving Tree by Terry Thomas Bowman 5/26/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today:
A tale of love, courage, and God’s redemptive grace that reminds readers there is always hope.
Forty-six years ago Jake pledged his love to Sadie by carving their names into the Carving Tree. Now newly retired, Sadie is eager to take on life’s newest adventures with Jake by her side. But when the symbol of their enduring love begins to wither and Jake is diagnosed with a heart condition, Sadie’s dreams are put on hold.
Bitter towards God, Sadie is determined to nurse Jake and their beloved Carving Tree back to health on her own. Sadie’s luck takes a turn for the worse when she and Jake are threatened with a false lawsuit and Megan Thompson, an aspiring model, goes missing after leaving her young son in Sadie’s care. Overwhelmed with stress, medical bills, and Jake’s deteriorating health, Sadie’s notion of retired life is turning out to be quite different than she anticipated.
Miles away, Megan Thompson’s world is also shaken. When what she thought was an audition for a modeling gig turns out to be a hoax, Megan finds herself a victim of a human-trafficking ring. Terrified and far from home, Megan knows only one thing is certain: she must, against all odds, escape and return to her son.
Will Sadie be able to regain her footing and find peace with God, and will Megan ever escape and return to her young son? Both women’s courage and resilience are put to the test in Terry Bowman’s captivating novel, The Carving Tree.

Only 99¢ Today~ Missing in Savannah: A Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery 5/24/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today:
When Carlita Garlucci’s annoying tenant, Elvira Cobb, turns up missing, Carlita and her daughter spring into action and begin looking for clues to her whereabouts.

They soon discover a mysterious message on Elvira’s answering machine. The message is from a man with possible NY mob ties. They fear that Elvira has put all of their lives in jeopardy after the mysterious man is found floating face down in the Savannah River.

Carlita’s fear turns to bone-chilling horror when she realizes the man’s killer isn’t after Elvira…he’s after her!

Armed with more clues and help from a friend, Carlita and Mercedes head out to nearby Tybee Island to continue their search at a historic fort with a rumored pirates past.

Will the Garlucci women find their missing tenant before the killer strikes again or will their “former family” and secret past finally be the death of all of them?

Only 99¢ Today~ A Hero’s Homecoming 5/23/2017 #amreading

ONLY 99¢ Today:
Colonel Rich Martino returns home from overseas to find everything has changed and nothing makes sense. His wife Rita has disappeared. His credit cards are invalid. A stranger is living in his house and he keeps running into people who are convinced he was killed in action months ago. Worst of all, his wealthy father has suffered a stroke. Psychologist Charlotte Phillips claims to be his comatose father’s legal guardian. Rich is determined to learn what has happened, gain control of his father’s money, and unmask Charlotte as the gold-digging schemer he’s certain she is. He is shocked to find his father’s crusty old attorney has been taken in by her along with everyone else. Can Rich straighten out the mess his life has become?

Only 99¢ Today~ Two Ways Home 5/19/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today:
She’s about to lose her home. He never wanted to see his again. And a stalker is staking a claim . . .

Washington, 1892

Mary Smith was never one to back down from a challenge. Her father’s health may be failing, but their dairy farm was her mother’s dream, and Mary will do whatever it takes to keep her father from selling it—even if it means sneaking off to the next town to earn money by playing the piano in a questionable establishment. No one seems to understand why home is so important to her, least of all her childhood nemesis who’s just wandered back into town.

When injured Texas Ranger Luke Thomas is forced to return to Pine Creek, Washington, he’s hailed as a hero and thrust into the town’s first race for sheriff. But no one knows the secret he carried to Texas, nor the secret he’s brought home. Setting his perfect aim on returning south, he refuses to get tied down by the town’s admiration, his brother’s disapproval, or the spirited, hardworking dairy girl who’s less annoying than he remembers.

But strange things are happening at the Smith dairy and in Pine Creek, and Luke’s instincts tell him Mary is in far more trouble than she realizes. One thing is certain: “home” is about to get more complicated for them both.

Full of wit and romantic tension, this Christian historical love story sets forth the true meaning of coming home.

Only 99¢ Today ~ Deep Focus (The Dumont Chronicles Book 2) 5/16/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today:
A scheming woman.
A man she can’t fathom.
A mystery that endangers her career.
Is this how God answers Lindsey’s prayers?

Lindsey Dumont, photographer, travels to the rugged coast of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to finish her photo essay on a rare breed of Makah dogs.But disaster looms for her project, and she decides to fight back. Now she must confront the man who deceived her and unravel a threatening mystery.

The Dumont family, French Huguenots, settled in New Jersey during Colonial days. Since then, certain Dumont women have led lives marked by adventure. Although they differed in personality and circumstances, these women held in common the gifts of artistry, courage, and a growing faith in God.

In this book, Lindsey Dumont faces a test of courage far from her home in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and the Dumont family history, yet undiscovered, awaits her return.

Only $2.99 Today~ The Power of Prayer: A “Heartbeats” Novel 5/11/2017 #amreading

Only $2.99 Today:
Life doesn’t always turn out as expected; sometimes it’s even better. Callie Green thought she had her life perfectly planned out, but when her fiance leaves her at the altar, her world begins to crumble. When she meets JD, a man offering a love she has never known, she is too blind to see. Then Callie faces an unexpected pregnancy, which turns her life upside down. After giving her life to God, Callie realizes JD is what she’s been missing, but she has no way to find him. All she can do is pray and hope that God sends him back to her. The Power of Prayer is a powerful love story about choice, timing, and God’s love.

Only 99¢ Today ~ Because of You by T.K. Chapin 5/10/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today:
Samantha had everything a wife and mother could ask for in life. A loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a baby on the way. Her life is thrown into a tailspin when her Army Sergeant husband Dakota goes missing in Afghanistan and assumed dead . . .

It’s because of him she lost everything . . .
. . . It’s because of her he’s able to go on