Only $2.99 Today~ Beyond Church: The Lost Word Of The Bible- Ekklesia 3/16/2015 #amreading

Only $2.99 Today:
Have you ever wanted something more from your faith? More than religion? More than church? One lost and forgotten biblical word, “ekklesia,” holds the key to a more vibrant and life-changing Christianity.
–Modern English language Bibles quote Jesus as saying, “I will build My church.” However, the earliest Bibles have Jesus saying, “I will build my ekklesia.” For hundreds of years, this Bible word-switch has misdirected the way the body of Christ meets for worship.
–So what does ekklesia mean? Ekklesia was the name of the city council in ancient Greek city-states. It was a democratic, interactive, participatory body of equal citizens sharing their concerns and needs with one another.
–In the Western world, traditional church is in decline. Religious categories now include millions who are “Dones” (done with church) and “Nones” (have no church affiliation).
–Perhaps it is time for more than church. Steve Simms invites you to go “beyond church” and experience ekklesia, HEAVEN’s CITY COUNCIL, not as a theological concept, but as a practical and living reality.

Compared to the preaching-industrial complex of modern western Christianity typified by 90 minutes of announcements worship Scripture preaching on a Sunday morning, we’re talking about revolution.
We’re exhorting you to leave the conventional paradigm for the revolutionary paradigm. We’re inviting you to trade the incremental for the monumental. We’re introducing you to ekklesia.
(Stephen Court-Toronto, 2015)