Only $2.99 Today ~ Last Call for The Church: A teaching on the Crucial Timing of the Rapture of the Church 11/15/2016

Only $2.99 Today:
There is a power shift coming, and a pivotal turning point in human history is on the horizon. Radical Islamic terrorism and the possibility of a nuclear war have staggered the world that we once knew. The cervical and moral safety net that once protected us has been broken. Prophetic events are speeding up! The global upheaval that the world is currently witnessing is only the beginning of unimaginable chaos. Last Call for The Church delivers a powerful and convincing precept upon precept teaching on the Rapture of the church, and the crucial timing of it based on parallels presented by ancient Jewish wedding customs. The author is a real-life storyteller, and she accomplishes the call to understand the Rapture, what it will be like, and why Jesus found it necessary to teach in terms of a wedding, a bride, and to reference Himself as a Bridegroom. The author exclusively writes to you, the reader. She takes you on a classroom tour of prophecies and parables, and offers a strong case for an aggressive Pre-Tribulation Rapture based on Scripture, and the frequencies of current worldwide trends. She writes just as straightforward as she teaches. In Last Call for The Church, you will get a truly unique understanding of the Rapture as it applies to a collective body of believers, referred to in the Bible as a bride, or better known as the church.