Only $2.99 Today – Voices: a novel of the end times 6/29/2016 #amreading

Only $2.99 Today:
What if the Bible’s prophesies about the end of our age turn out to be literally true? What might it be like to live in those chaotic times?

On a late September morning a few years from now, Daniel Goldman, an American Jew, is about to find out. He wakes to the audible voice of a man who has been gone from the earth for thirteen months, but that strange event soon becomes the least of his problems. As a fabulously wealthy international investor, Daniel had always thought he had a worthy mission in life. But over the next ten days, as he is drawn deeper and deeper into a cosmic drama of intrigue and deception, he learns what was really expected of him all along.

Since Voices is a novel, most of it is purely imaginary. But the geopolitical backdrop of the novel, which is set in the period between the Rapture of the Church and the Second Advent of Christ, has been carefully crafted to reflect the essence of conditions and circumstances prophesied for the period.