Only $2.99 Today~ Winter Wheat: At Home in Pennsylvania Amish Country 10/26/2017 #amreading

Only $2.99 Today:
The hope of spring! The hope of a new life!
Lena Graber is a relieved widow, not grieved. When her marriage ends, she relishes the peace, except when her mother-in-law torments her with debt. Fearful of losing her farm, Lena reaches out to Jacob King, who plows up the fields and plants winter wheat. Come spring, it should bring in a good profit.

Jacob King has loved Lena since he was old enough to like girls. At twenty-seven he’s given up looking for a woman like Lena. Now that Lena is free to remarry, she considers Jacob’s proposal. But she needs time away and lives with her aunt and uncle in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for the winter.

But the Amish in Pennsylvania are vastly different than the strictest of strict Amish sect Lena is used to in New York. As Lena finds liberty in Pennsylvania to wear colors other than black and blue, be a passenger in a car, have trusted English friends, and other luxuries forbidden back home, will this divide her from Jacob?

All winter, like the dead seeds of wheat grow and swell under the earth, so does Lena. As the desire to remarry grows, God is molding a man who will love her unconditionally…