Only 99¢ Today – Amish Winter Collection: Amish Christmas Romance 2/10/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today:
Three books in one collection.
1. Amish Christmas Gift
2. Amish Christmas Baby: Mourning Lullaby
3. Amish Love Letters

Amish Christmas Gift:
When Vivian answers an advertisement to spend Christmas at a B&B in the country, she doesn’t realize it is run by an Amish family who is just as broken as she is. Trying to rekindle the Christmas spirit, can Vivian fit in with the Amish family and join forces to help each other through the holidays? Will it take a modern-day miracle to make things right again?

Amish Christmas Baby: Mourning Lullaby
When single-dad, Mason, hires an Amish nanny to care for his son, his overbearing assistant, Ashley, doesn’t like it, and sets out to sabotage her. When she discovers a secret from Melinda’s past, she uses it against her, but just how far will Ashley’s jealousy go before someone gets hurt?

Amish Love Letters
Joy grew up a Tom-Boy, playing hockey with the boys all her life. Will a letter from a secret admirer cause her to act like the young woman she’s become?
Jordan suddenly finds himself looking at his best friend, Joy, in a different way. Will Joy’s secret admirer make trouble for them and change their friendship forever?
Find out in this bittersweet tale of love and friendship.