Only 99¢ Today: Autumn’s Break by Mary E. Hanks 7/22/2016 #amreading

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Gar Bevere loves his job as a high school English and Drama teacher, but things get ugly when funding for his prestigious arts program is cut. He didn’t mean to grab the principal by the collar—or punch him in the nose—but in the heat of the moment, he did. Now he’s jobless. And his replacement is . . . his own wife! Feeling betrayed—and churning with guilt—he decides what he and Autumn need is a break. A long one. Autumn never pictured her marriage ending. But when her husband goes through a mid-life crisis at the same time she’s dealing with the disappointment of infertility, her happily-ever-after spirals toward disaster. Gar leaves, and she buries her grief in learning to make killer fudge, her new teaching career, and in carrying his responsibilities—including his reinstated theater program. A friend challenges her to face her marital troubles as if she were fighting a spiritual battle, and when she does, things begin to change, but not necessarily in the way Autumn imagined. Ty and Winter Williams, marriage-retreat speakers, face the battle of their lives when their nemesis, Randi Simmons, shows up at a conference bent on revenge.