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Disciple’s Quest: The Adventure Begins
Evil is spreading across the land, but as the darkness grows, God is calling forth warriors from all walks of life to join in the battle. In this first book of the Disciple’s Quest Series, an unlikely hero learns of a strange debt owed to an invisible being. Perplexed by this dilemma, he leaves the Town of Lost and sets out on a journey to discover not only the cause of the problem but also the answer. Faced with ever increasing dangers, this brave new warrior must confront the forces of evil lying in wait, as he marches forward on his Quest.

Disciple’s Quest is an exciting new Christian Adventure Series that both teenagers and adults alike will enjoy. Heroic battles are fought and difficult challenges must be met in order to determine whose Kingdom will reign supreme.

The purpose of these books is to bring Glory and Honor to our Lord Jesus Christ, while holding up His word as our supreme guide in life.

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God which brings salvation to all those who believe… Romans 1:16

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