Only 99¢ Today ~ I Will Awaken The Dawn by Jonathan Brenneman 3/20/2017 #amreading

Only 99¢ Today:
“I Will Awaken the Dawn” builds on the scriptural foundation laid in “Present Access to Heaven.” Learn from both scriptural insight and testimonies how to “Awaken the Dawn” of the knowledge of God’s glory with praise, thanksgiving, and declaration.

No matter how dark and impossible your surroundings may seem, they become heaven to you if your eyes are opened to see the Lord there. When you see that you are in heaven because you are in God’s presence, heaven will begin to manifest around you. The earth is presently full of God’s glory, but it will also be filled with the knowledge of God’s glory, as the waters cover the seas!

“I Will Awaken The Dawn” includes testimonies of supernatural multiplication and provision, miraculous healing, supernatural rain in my house, my grandmother’s trip to heaven, angels, and more. Do you want to grow stronger in faith? Do you want to see nations and cities liberated from oppression and filled with the knowledge of God’s glory? If so, this book is for you. Heaven now!