Only 99¢ Today: MONEY: What It’s Worth to You and to God by Connie Bryson 10/21/2016 #amreading

Having trouble with your finances? In debt? How about gambling? Has it been tempting for you? Are you fearful of what’s coming economically in our world? How you will survive? Connie Bryson writes a Christian viewpoint on all of these subjects and more. She will lead you with biblical principles, as well as common sense, on how to live a debt free life. Her own life’s experiences of mistakes and failures, to sensibility and obedience have proven that by changing your ways and turning to God and His ways will enable you to reach that goal.

Addiction, power, and the curses and blessings of money are all addressed by one who has lived in poor, middle, and upper class ranks. Her story of having ten dollars to her name, to being blessed with an abundance to give to others, will keep you thinking about your own life. To have faith to believe that your finances can be stable, once you apply these practical directions, along with trust in God. For her, trusting in God has never been so rewarding.

Learn about giving and receiving, and about the true money miracles that occurred in this author’s life. But first, she warns you about careless living, and helps you to see and understanding of how things may have gone wrong. In your own life, or in the lives of others. Everything from greed, lack of understanding and wisdom, overspending, and hoarding.

MONEY – What It’s Worth to You and to God is the fourth book in the series: The Art of Charismatic Christian Living. It will change your life for good. You will never look at money the same way again. You can go forward without fear or worries of how you will survive in this pricey world with living costs surging every day. You may not become wealthy, but will have enough. What you will need. And that is where you’ll find your peace.

Journey with this author through written words that stem from her love and compassion for Christ, her Savior, and for all Believers. Your new, financial stress-free life awaits you.