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Assignment Code 123: Heaven On Earth Series
THE THREAT OF WORLD WAR II IS GROWING. HEAVEN AND EARTH, GOD AND MAN, ANGELS AND DEMONS. IT’S TIME TO CHOOSE SIDES. Hitler gradually grows in popularity and gains the coveted Chancellor position over Germany. Beata Schluter, a young woman living in Berlin, is forced to choose between conformity to the masses and standing up for her convictions. Hahn Brauer, a young German soldier, is thrown into the world of war, not knowing if he’ll ever see his young bride again. David Kohn, a respected Jewish rabbi, is bombarded by dreams brought to him by angels. Anka Trafas, married to a Jewish man, Aaron Levin, is rejected by her Polish family. Her life is ushered into harsh decisions as the war invades Poland. Esther Brenner, a young Dutch girl living in Russia on the Crimean Steppe, along with her family, is plunged into uncertainty as Germany advances into Russia. Lines are drawn and decisions are made, each person must choose their path and accept the outcome.

Leota’s Garden
Leota’s garden was once a place of beauty, where flowers bloomed and hope thrived. It was her refuge from the deep wounds inflicted by a devastating war, her sanctuary where she knelt before a loving God and prayed for the children who couldn’t understand her silent sacrifices. Now, eighty-four-year-old Leota Reinhardt is alone, her beloved garden in ruins. All her efforts to reconcile with her adult children have been fruitless, and she voices her despair to a loving Father, her only friend. Then God brings a wind of change through unlikely means: one, a college student who thinks he has all the answers; the other, the granddaughter Leota never hoped to know. But can the devastation wrought by keeping painful family secrets be repaired before she runs out of time?

The Life and Works of John Owen (55-in-1)
John Owen (1616-1683) was a famous Puritan preacher and theologian, as well as chaplain to Oliver Cromwell. He was a prolific writer, especially well-known for his works on Christ, the Atonement and the Holy Spirit. Our edition follow’s William Goold’s famous 17 volume work and combines all his known English works into one collection for your ease of use and reference. (Volume and page number of Goold’s work noted in brackets). This fantastic volume includes an Active “Quick Table of Contents” for ease of navigation.
1. THE LIFE OF DR. OWEN (Goold, Vol 1. xxi)
2. CHRISTOLOGIA (Vol 1. 1)
3. THE GLORY OF CHRIST (Vol 1. 274)
…and 51 more.

The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World
When did the good news become just good advice? Christianity doesn’t work as just a moral philosophy or code of ethics. It makes sense only when it is built upon the foundation of the gospel, the good news. The simple message that God has done everything he requires to reconcile sinners to himself is not just the church’s slogan, but its lifeblood. In this candid and hopeful book, Michael Horton challenges us to reorient our faith and our practice toward the transformative, Christ-centered gospel–both in the church and in the world.