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Special Agent Savannah Barrett and her partner, SA Paul Winston, have been investigating a puzzling string of church arsons when she receives devastating news: her estranged son has been killed in a car accident, leaving Savannah sole custody of three young grandchildren she didn’t know existed. As she and Paul investigate new fires, trying to establish an M.O. and a suspect list, Savannah is thrown back into parenting while trying to handle her own heartbreak. Paul becomes her biggest support—on and off the job—kindling the fire between them.

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It’s 1869 and love is starting to blossom in the booming town of Bear River City. This historically inspired Western romance much-loved series is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this mid-19th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover genuine men and true love.

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Would it change your life if you knew …
* Why you are here—and why you are the way you are.
* Why your life matters—and why no part of you is an accident.
* Your role in the work that God is doing in the world
Here is the truth:
1. You are not your own designer
2. God designed your calling right into you in the form of gifts or “talents” that he’s given you
3. Using these talents is simple—it’s a matter of manifesting the kingdom of God by manifesting God’s will and character through your gifts.
Few areas in the Christian life carry more baggage and shame than that of “calling.” Most of us feel like we’re missing it–and that deep down, we’re a disappointment to God.