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A young married woman torn between love & fear, trust & doubt and a desire for a second chance. Will she make the right choice? What happens when a California girl in the middle of a crisis meets a Montana guy? Sara wished for a husband for Christmas this year and then married her boss. Now she is running for her life from him with a warrant out for her arrest and really needs a miracle to save her. To top off her week, she finds herself in the middle of a Montana snowstorm and sicker than she’s ever been. Trent quit the FBI to return home and became a sheriff. As the most eligible bachelor in Castle Peaks, he’s had his share of women chase him, but has been disinterested; until now. He has a sworn duty to protect the town’s citizens and assist other agencies in doing the same. When faced with a suspect in a criminal case, will he make the arrest or lead with his heart? Join Sara Brownell as she runs for her life, she runs straight into the waiting arms of local sheriff Trent Harding. Throw in a life-size nativity and plenty of snow and watch the magic of Christmas come to life. See how Sara forever changes the lives of Trent as well as those around him.

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Wars, rumors of wars, famine, earthquakes, international upheaval-Jesus said all of these things would precede His coming and the end of the age (Matt. 24:7-8). It sounds like Jesus was describing our own time, but was He really predicting the events that we see in the news every day? Dr. R.C. Sproul looks at Jesus’ prediction of the end to answer the important question: Are we living in the last days? Though the answer may surprise you, this booklet will help you understand how to interpret the prophecies of Jesus accurately even as we await His return to bring to completion His Father’s plan.

Breaking up with a toxic behavior or pattern of thought takes time, energy, and sometimes a little help. Kicking Perfect is a seven-day devotional with scripture references, reflection questions, and personal application questions to help you get started on your own journey of breaking up with perfect. Kicking perfect is filled with personable, relatable stories intended to point you to the word of God, where you find the truth you need to live your life for his glory and not your own. Perfection cripples and distracts us from becoming the truest reflection of who God intends for us to be and within these pages freedom introduces herself and invites you in.

Faith in Training: A 40 Day Devotional

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Draw closer to God in just 2-minutes per day! Increase your faith with this series of short 2-minute devotions. They relate the scriptures to horsemanship, giving the reader and rider a new insight into God’s word. Even if you have no experience with horses whatsoever, you can glean amazing vision into the workings of God through your relationship with Him. If you’ve longed to spend time with both God and horses, this is the devotional for you!