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The Amish Seasons Collection
It’s springtime in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Drusilla Riehl has just turned eighteen. While she’s attended youth gatherings and singings in the past, something feels just a little bit different now. As the eldest child, she has a lot of responsibilities, especially with her aging grandparents living in the smaller house attached to the Riehls’ farmhouse and with Drusilla’s mother expecting a baby soon. Follow the story of this young Amish woman as she comes of age in the springtime of her life, balancing her commitment to faith, family, and friends. The Amish Seasons Collections, a four-part series, follows the story of Drusilla Riehl as she passes through the seasons of life. This collection will be sure to delight as you learn more about the Amish religion and culture from Sarah Price, one of the leading bestselling authors of Amish Christian fiction who bases her stories and books on authentic experience growing up Mennonite and living among the Amish.

Not By Sight (Stone River)

Not by Sight (Stone River)
Can you love someone and still be free?Emma Wyatt agrees to tutor a recently blinded, embittered soldier because of the $50,000 paycheck his brother offers. The job is an answer to many prayers. Blind herself, Emma dreams of independence and freedom away from her overprotective family. Tutoring Ian in all things “blind” isn’t easy, especially when the biggest challenge is helping him walk by faith.

Does Prayer Change Things?

Does Prayer Change Things? (Crucial Questions Series)
Does prayer make any difference? Does it really change anything? Yes, says Dr. R.C. Sproul in this Crucial Questions booklet. Though we cannot hope that our prayers will change God’s mind, prevailing upon Him to act against His will, we can be sure that prayer does change things—including our own hearts. Plus, it is one of the chief means by which God carries out His will in the world. For these reasons, Dr. Sproul argues, prayer has a vital place in the life of the Christian. In short chapters packed with practical wisdom, he unveils the purpose, the pattern, the practice, the prohibitions, and the power of prayer, calling Christians to come before God’s presence with joy and hope.

Discovering God's Will: God Has a Plan & Calling For You

Discovering God’s Will: Understanding the Bible on Gods Will – What God Promises For You, His Purpose For Your Life & Professional growth: God Has a Plan and Calling For You
DISCOVERING GOD’S WILL. Have you ever wondered….
What Does God Want From Me?
How Can I Figure Out God’s Will?
What Is The Purpose For My Life?
Reverend Bill McBride, ordained clergy for 36 years brings forth a helpful and important book on discovering God’s will. This guidebook will help the reader understand the importance of a close spiritual relationship with God, so the reader can enhance their discovery of God’s will. God is seeking to reveal His will to us. It is important that we keep the doors of our minds and hearts wide open, so we can understand and follow God’s purpose and plan.