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Cammie Evans was a girl with a plan from the moment God called her to be a foreign missionary. After several years spent all over the world, though, she finds herself with a new assignment that leaves her questioning all that she once thought to be true about life, love, and calling. David Connor was always the weird kid in the youth group, never destined to live up to his father’s expectations. After several years of working to find his own significance in Christ and his calling as a foreign missionary, he finds himself asking hard questions about who he is and what God wants from him.

God’s heart is broken as His people look to other things for satisfaction, joy and peace. He is not willing to let them go. He relays His anguish through Hosea, the broken hearted prophet. In this prophetic book lies the core speaking of God to the Western world. Wrought with divine nostalgia, God calls His people to solitude with Him that He may whisper into their ears and be their deliverance and all satisfying lover. Though others cried, “injustice” Hosea cries, “You don’t love me anymore.”

The most critical conversations begin in your own head. A bestselling ebook on destroying Negative self talk and calming your inner critic. Covers topics like fear of speaking up, depression and anxiety, rejection, and even marriage and forgiveness. Talking to yourself is normal, but what you say to yourself makes all the difference. It’s a transforming life choice and you have the power to let your life speak peace, love, and abundance. If your inner chatter consists mainly of negative affirmations, you are headed down the slippery slope of low self esteem. God wants us to think good thoughts. Thoughts that reflect the way He sees us and how how He feels about us. He wants our self-talk and thoughts to be a reflection of His love. This self talk book will teach you to change your negative thinking and replace with life affirming words of faith.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be equipped with power from on high? To be filled with the Holy Spirit? You may see miracles beyond your imaginings. You may be given gifts of healing, or prophecy. There is no limit to what God may have for you. All you have to do is yield and receive. You may have questions:
*Who is the Holy Spirit?
*Are the supernatural gifts still operating today?
*What is it to be baptized with the Holy Spirit?
*Don’t all Christians have this power?
*How do I receive my spiritual gifts?
Whether you read this book on your own or with a group, dive into what the Bible really has to say about your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Discover what gifts await release in your life. Begin to move in the resurrection power of Jesus. Be used to the fullest not only for your own spiritual growth, but also for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.