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Forsaken is a broken clay vessel in Comfort Cove, a quaint 19th-century fishing village. This is a story about the struggle for her soul as she is discarded on the Potter’s Field, the town’s garbage dump. The cosmic war for humanity is brought to vivid reality as Master Potter finds her there. You may see yourself as you read about Forsaken and her struggle toward wholeness. Through many trials she develops intimacy, receives healing from her past pain and brokenness, and learns that Master Potter desires her even in her weakness. No one is too broken to be healed and used by God.

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The mind of a genius can hold the darkest of secrets – A razor-sharp thriller. A Bosnian gangster is gunned down in a packed London restaurant. In his possession is a notebook once belonging to Isaac Newton. This is just the latest in a series of shocking crimes connected to objects once belonging to the famous scientist. The police are stumped and the pressure for an arrest is mounting.

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What does it mean to find your purpose in life? How can you know your calling … your destiny? When we say, “Lord, Your will be done,” we are asking God to infuse His deepest yearnings into our spirit and alter the circumstances of our lives. God sees beyond our past and knows our secret desires and longings yet to be born. In My Father’s Business, you will see how others responded to God’s yearning for passionate living and enjoyed our Father’s blessing.


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These creative conversation starters will inspire your kids pause their electronics, grow their social skills, and develop lifelong relationships! Get your kids talking with this activity book the entire family will enjoy.
In this highly-engaging, conversation starter book, you will discover:
Why conversations matter and connecting with others is important.
Three strategies to engage kids and keep the conversation going.
Five tools to help children develop their social skills.
How to use conversations to guide children toward positive change.
Then, dive into 131 creative, engaging, and fun conversations that will get your kids engaged. This book is for children who desire to build face-to-face connections that develop into life-long friendships. It is also for parents, foster parents, teachers, coaches, youth pastors, mentors, and everyone who wants to help their kids to connect in an increasingly disconnected world!
Conversation Starters Include:
If the zoo offered to let you keep one exotic animal as a pet, which animal would you take home with you?
If you were principal of your school for a day, what is one school rule that you would change?
No two snowflakes are exactly alike. No two people are the same either. What is something that makes you unique?
This book is part of a The Creative Conversations Books Series, which includes:
131 Creative Conversations for Couples
131 More Creative Conversations for Couples
131 Necessary Conversations before Marriage
131 Creative Conversations for Families
131 Creative Conversations for Kids
131 Conversations for Stepfamily Success