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Darcy was 24, living with her parents, and struggling to make her student loan payments. So, when she heard that Grace Space Independent Consultants make $40 per hour, she could hardly wait to sign on the dotted line. That signature launched her into a crazy adventure full of embarrassing blunders, kooky characters, and sidesplitting laughs, and it’s not long before she starts to wonder if the purple dream is too good to be true.

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Some think Amish and fun just don’t mix. Many see them as stoic statue-like folks, never cracking a smile. Let this book enlighten you that the Amish celebrate Christmas better with a lot less stress and more fun. Having lived near or among the Amish for many years, Karen Anna Vogel shares in journal style her frustrations about materialism and the pressures that break out bankbook and backs.
~You’ll learn to spread the holidays over many days
~Get a peek inside Amish homes as they share their Christmas stories, including author Mary Ann Kinsinger (The Adventures of Lily Lapp)
~Christmas Cookie recipes from Amish friends
~Since 2011 Vogel has kept track of her journey towards seeking peace and joy on Christmas Day, the very day her dad passed away. Guidance to overcoming “Holiday Depression” and keeping her chin up are all transparently shared.
~Ideas for tech-free family time or solitary hobbies during the winter hush as Christmas extends to January 6th, Old Christmas, or Twelfth Night.