Writer Wednesday – On the Death of Characters by KM Aul

calligraphy-1484688ON THE DEATH OF CHARACTERS
K M Aul

I have never made it a secret in my book series that characters are going to die. In fact, in the final act of the series, some of the main characters may be expected to go the way of all ink (or stored electrical impulses.)

We all come to care for favorite characters in stories and books, but if the author is good, then each death serves a purpose for the plot and is not done randomly. That isn’t to say that an author can’t be cruel when a touch of it is also necessary for the plot.

Something that readers and fans may not suspect is that even authors have their favorite characters. I know that I do. And, if the plot calls for one of my favorites to die, I will move my fictional heaven and earth to try to keep it from happening. If there is simply no way around it without harming the story then that one will go, and usually in spectacular fashion.

To those of you mourning the loss of a favorite character, I offer my condolences. However, I’m sure that you will get over it. Remember that as Christians, we believe in a literal heaven and hell (though, I’m sure that it is nothing like we imagine it to be.) Maybe fictional characters have their own?

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